• "Energetic work-paintings, drawings,  
      assemblages and bizarre furniture  

    Grace Glueck, The New York Times

  • Join us for the opening of these two  
      simultaneous exhibits celebrating Centro’s  
      40th Anniversary  
      September 17 - October, 31, 2013


  • "...To make art that would  
      incorporate-propagate-encourage and  
      acknowledge New World Aesthetics.”  

    Lucy R. Lippard, Mixed Blessings

  • "Marcos Dimas combines Pre-Columbian  
      Taino symbols with contemporary  
      modes of abstraction and figuration to  
      create a fusion between past and  
      present ways of seeing..."  

    Dr. Yasmin Ramirez

Welcome to the website of award-winning visual artist,
Marcos Dimas

Marcos Dimas combines Pre-Columbian Taino symbols with contemporary modes of abstraction and figuration to create a fusion between past and present ways of seeing. His poetic symbol laden drawings and prints are based on transcriptions of common sights and sounds, popular music and dreams. As such, Dimas’ work falls into the Caribbean tradition of surrealist abstraction fostered by Wilfredo Lam.

Recent Work Selection

Additional Work

A Retrospective: 35 Years of Selected Works
Marcos Dimas
Marcos Dimas is a world-renowned contemporary artist whose work has set standards of innovative excellence. His work combines Pre-Columbian Taíno symbols with contemporary modes of abstraction and figureation to create a fusion between past and present ways of seeing...

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EXHIBITION: September 17 - December 15, 2013
“The exhibits offer a unique blend of two artistic and cultural heritages, Puerto Rican and U.S., reflecting the Puerto Rican stateside struggles for social justice and equal participation in the American story,” said Centro Director Edwin Meléndez.

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Taller Boricua
Puerto Rican Workshop
El Taller's workshops offer artists the opportunity to share ideas and inspiration with colleagues and to enhance productivity and collaboration with other non-profit organizations, schools, artists, public service providers, private corporations, and the community.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art

Oct 24th, 2013 - March 20th, 2014

“Our America” presents a picture of an evolving national culture that challenges expectations of what is meant by “American” and “Latino.”

The 72 artists featured in the exhibition, including Marcos Dimas...


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